Monday, 30 April 2018

More Wonderful Storage for your Tags and ATCs - by Claudia

Hi, servus and thanks so much for stopping by today!
Claudia here to share another storage project (I promise this one will be the last for until at least late you can never have enough cool storage boxes to display and use on your studio desk and shelves, can't you?)

I just HAD TO have and alter this cool container to store some more ATC blanks and tag wood blanks in! It's the "Birch Ply & MDF ATC/Tag Storage Box" and as the name indicates you can either choose to have it made from Birch Ply or MDF.
It is just one of the cool storage and display boxes from the Calico Craft Parts range which you can check out by clicking HERE. If you have missed the other display boxes that Jennie and I have shared during the last weeks, simply click HERE and HERE for comparison.

If you find that the single pieces' openings are a bit too tight, simply use a small file to sand them a bit wider. If you manage to put the pieces together without any sanding they will fit very tight - so no need to add glue to put the sides and compartment dividers together! (click on the images for a larger view)

 I used DecoArt matte Decou-Page to assemble my storage box. It is my go-to glue and sealant when I am looking for short drying times and strong hold.

I used designer paper to cover the outsides of my box and glued that on with matte Decou-Page as well. After the glue had dried I cut off any excess around the edges, but you can also sand it off for an even more distressed look.

Using a hand drill I added some holes to fix my label pull and numbers plaque to the back of the container. To cover up the ends of the brads that were used for fixing the embellishments to the container, I glued another piece of designer paper to the inside of the box. Then I sealed the outside with slightly diluted Decou-Page for further treatment.

To accent the edges, I darkened them using a black distress crayon and smudging it with my fingertip.

The untreated dark brown MDF edges of the single wood panels were painted black using a permanent black marker with a wide flat tip.

Then I got messy. I mixed some white DecoArt Crackle Paint with some drops of Raw Umber media fluid acrylic paint on my palette and loosely scraped that mix onto the sides of my box.

After letting the Crackle Paint air dry, I also scraped on some Carbon Black Americana premium acrylic paint.

To add additional crackle and texture I scraped on DecoArt media Clear Crackle Glaze and highlighted the cracks later (after the Crackle Glaze had properly cured) with a mix of Carbon Black and Raw Umber DecoArt media Antiquing Creams.

Here's a better view of all the layers:

I love how the designer paper and the scraped on paints and media fuse into one beautiful worn looking surface! I haven't inserted a label yet, but will do as soon as I know what I want to store in this box.

I hope you like this new keepsake of mine! If you want to browse the Calico Craft Parts shop for more alterable items and kits, simply click HERE. See you soon!

Hugs and happy crafting!


  1. Brilliant ageing with the layered papers, paints and crackle - it looks just like a vintage library drawer. I can see I'm going to have to give in to some of these storage boxes soon!
    Alison x

    1. They're really fab, Alison. You will love them! Thanks for the lovely comment! XXX

  2. Wow! This is awesome! Love the mood!

  3. of course I love it!!! Another fab project Claudia. =)

  4. This is such an incredible storage piece, I love the way that the paper has been aged and altered. This is so much more than just a storage piece, it’s a highlight to any desktop!

  5. Fantastic storage, Claudia. I love the effects you've achieved with the design paper, the crackle and the paints. This looks so authentically vintage. What a great project and useful too! xx

  6. Love this! Fabulous storage idea! Love the grungy look! Thank you for sharing

  7. Love all of your additions!

  8. Thank you all so very much, Lisa, Ann, Julie Ann, Debbie and Seth! So happy that you like my ATC storage so much! XXX

  9. fantastic storage for your ATCs Claudia,love how the layers of crackle and paints harmonize with the design papers !!

  10. what is the paper? i love this whole thing!

  11. Fabulous project. I love this ATC storage holder.