Thursday, 1 February 2018

Norman Art Doll- by Lesley

Hey everyone.
This week, Norman is back! He hasn’t been around much lately, so I thought it was about time he made a reappearance. You can revisit him here and here with his pal Eric. ;)

Norman art doll started out as three medium size artist trading cubes. I started by gluing them together, and then stacking them and gluing them to make the body.
Next I glued on some pages from an old book, and then gave them a water downed coat of cream paint. I then drilled holes for his arms either side, and holes on the bottom for his legs.

Using textured coloured pastes, I built up the colour and finished with some bronze paint in places.

His legs were from my stash and just secured with a touch of glue into the drilled holes.

His arms started out as one length of thick wire. I then added some padding to each end. After threading the wire through the drilled holes, i wrapped a dyed piece of fabric around the padding, and glued his hands on.

To decorate his body, i used the mini stars which i covered with old book paper, then a little of the bronze paint and then a coat of gloss glaze.

Next was his head. I raided my stash and pulled out some broken jewellery bits, and used a metal piece for him to sit on.

His hat is a vintage cream cornet mold, which i decorated with more jewellery bits.

Finally, i gave his nails a touch of red polish. :)

Thanks for reading

Ingredients used
Artist trading block cube kit, medium
Mini primitive star shapes


  1. I love Norman and his wonderful outfit!

  2. waue, great guy, love all of him - your blog is great I will look around -have a great weekend