Monday 1 January 2018

2017 with Calico Craft Parts - by Julie Ann

Happy New Year! I do hope that 2018 will be a creative year for you, full of fun and inspiration! January is a time for looking forward to a year of exciting new projects, but that can be daunting: that's when I reflect on my favourite 'makes' from the past year. I find that it really helps me to recall what I've created in the past, there is often an aspect I'd like to develop, or some technique I've almost forgotten and that I'd like to revisit. Projects have memories too, helping us to re-live our dreams and hopes. Here are 3 of my favourite projects from 2017.

Early in 2017 I embarked on some family research. I not only discovered the little house in Mile End where my father was born, but also a cousin I never knew I had! This Calico Victorian Box Kit - with the addition of some tiny doors and windows became 'The Street where he Lived' with his parents, Annie and Judah.

As the short winter days gave way to birdsong and light evenings, I went in search of a springtime muse to inspire me. This classic shrine lives in my studio and supplies me with twine for parcels and projects as well as inspiration. Calico Craft Parts have such a wealth of tiny details that can be added to bring projects to life too. Do browse the Flora and Fauna; Birds and Winged Things and Animal Wood Shapes for abundant ideas!

To celebrate Autumn - possibly my favourite season - I created this little diorama using  a  Printer's Tray without the inserts, adding one of the Calico mini houses which I love. Again, the details provided by Calico were invaluable. Their leaf designs are so adaptable to any season and so realistic, and I just love the owls!
Thank You so much for dropping by today and reminiscing with me. I do hope your 2018 will be a happy and fulfilling year and I wish you success and joy in all your adventures!


  1. Oh, yes! The carousel was easily one of my favourites too... I bought one on the strength of it and was going to make it for Cestina for the dollshouse museum... best laid plans, eh?! Hope you have a wonderful 2018, Julie Ann.
    Alison x

  2. Best Wishes for 2018, Alison. Thank you so much for your lovely visits and for starting off my New Year so kindly here. Well, yes, I do know all about those 'best laid plans': I had a few myself that I didn't quite squeeze into 2017! Ah, well, tomorrow is another day and the beginning of another year. I'm really looking forward to seeing your inspiring creations in the coming months. x

  3. you made some great discoveries and wonderful art in 2017! I'm looking forward to see what delights you create this year! xo

  4. Oh wow, what a lovely opportunity to reflect on your amazing achievements this past year, Julie Ann. I especially loved that first project as you know. I hope this year will be just as fruitful,

    Lucy x

  5. Yes, I can see why these are some of your favorites pieces Julie Ann! Each one is delightful and so full of magical details- a pleasure to revisit!
    Happy New Year to all!
    Jackie xo

  6. Many Thanks and a Happy New Year to Michele, Lucy and Jackie. xxx