Monday, 4 December 2017

Deep in the Forest - canvas by Julie Ann

Hello Everyone! I can hardly believe that we're in December already! I'd like to share a canvas I created to partner my Box of Winter Delights, which you can find here.

I plan to start decorating for the Festive Season very soon and when I do these two winter scenes will form part of our mantel-piece display. With this one I decided to reverse a little box canvas, gesso it and create a wintry backdrop with some scraps of cheesecloth.

With both these projects, a little German doll's head was actually my inspiration. With my box frame of winter delights the paper clay head formed part of my frame and she was a mischievous winter wood sprite. The other little head did not come out of my mould so perfectly. She was cracked and worn-looking...

but I liked that look and I wanted to use her. She reminded me of an ancient ornament - maybe one at the entrance to  a garden or park that has stood against the elements year on year.

Still and silent, what stories has she seen unfold in the deep woods? For this project I combined moss, garlands of Calico Craft Parts ivy, a tiny twig, lace and paper napkins to create a sense of Nature clothing the world even in the depths of winter.

I love how this Calico scene with deer invites us to explore the woods. It is as if they and the the crumbling stone head are leading us to enchantment. I wanted to keep the deer spectral, as if they had appeared out of a twilight mist, so I simply gave them a touch of taupe acrylic paint. The ivy garlands have just a hint of wintry green paint with a sprinkling of distress glitter. Gesso blobs help create a feel of newly fallen snow.

As I worked, adding layers of Calico craft parts to my reversed canvas, I thought about how snow can bring beauty to a broken and damaged landscape. Maybe the owl angel standing guard over the house in the woods and the deer who led us here want to remind us that there is hope for all that is broken in our beautiful world.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. The days will be growing busier as Christmas approaches, but I do hope that you will have the time to create something that evokes the beauty of the season for you.

Calico Craft Parts used in this project
Winter Deer Scene, style 6
Ivy Leaf Garland style 1
Ivy Leaf Garland shape style 2
Sheet of mini snowflake shapes 2
Sheet of mini street lights and Lamp posts style 3 (sign)


  1. This is gorgeous, Julie Ann, so ethereal

    Lucy x

  2. A fabulous reverse canvas Julie Ann and so wonderfully evocative of the forest. I am sure it will look fabulous on your mantlepiece. Jennie x

  3. What a magical mysterious woodland portal. The spectral deer and all those wonderful vines around the frame look beautiful, and I love the stone head guarding the entrance way into the realms beyond.
    Alison x

  4. Lovely piece Julie. Love the deer and the head over the entrance. Lovely piece. Tracy x

  5. Dear Julie,
    So love your story and your thoughts behind, yes lets pray there is this hope, for our, in so many places and meanings, broken world.
    The canvas is gorgeous, Julie, I love the head, worn and not cared for , for years, and your majestic deer finding the glory from the owl-angel . Beautiful it is !! Hugs, Dorthe, xx

  6. Thank you so much Lucy, Jennie, Alison, Tracy and Dorthe for your lovely comments. xx

  7. Such a wonderful scene Julie Ann! Magical and serene- as always, I love your beautiful vignettes, they speak to me of childhood fairy tales,never forgotten!

    1. Oh, those childhood fairy tales.They still bring magic into our lives, Jackie! Thank you so much. xx