Thursday, 23 November 2017

Christmas Houses-by Lesley

I think we can now mention the "C" word........its nearly CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
And this week, i have little Christmas decs for you. So simple and easy to make as well.

I got these glass hanging jar type things last year, and made a few with my obligatory dolls heads in, and no, my twins did not let me hang them on our tree.

This year, i decided to add the sweet little houses from Calico, i just love these.
I started by gluing three together, leaving the roof's off.
Each house was then embossed with enamel powder.

I then glued the roof's on and added a coat of glaze glue and dipped them into micro beads and chunky glass glitter.

My idea was to then add numbers to them. Thought it was nice to personalise them with house numbers for folk. Only, i forgot to order the little numbers! So, at the moment, they are number free.

The houses were then glued to the inside of the lids. A sprinkling of glittery fake snow was added to the glass jar, and then screwed together.
Voila! Three little tree decorations!

Thanks for reading,

Ingredients used
Block house MDF short
Sheet of mini MDF numbers


  1. I so love your little houses in a jar, Lesley! I do think the twins were being a bit over traditional not to let you hang those heads on the tree last year - where's their spirit of adventure - ha ha? xx

  2. These are so magically gorgeous, Lesley! Exactly the right dose of Christmas bling and wonder.
    Merry Christmas! ;)
    Claudia xxx