Wednesday 25 October 2017

Clowns Aren't Scary! - by Lesley

So......over in the shop, we have new stackable boxes in 6 different sizes! Square and rectangle shape!
I have altered one of the rectangle ones for you...........

Now, i know not everyone likes clowns........but this little fella isn't scary, is he?

I started by gluing the box together and painting the entire thing with two coats of red paint.
Liquid glaze was added to the sides and the top of the lid, and then i added some blue paint over the top.

I used the miniature stars as decoration, painting them yellow and blue and adding a coat of glaze on the top.

On the lid, i used one of the large birch stars. It was painted blue and some stars embossed in white, with the clowns head glued on top.

 Some little metal stars were added to the lid to finish off.

Ta for reading,

Ingredients used
Birch Plywood rectangle box kit
Mini MDF star shapes
6 pointed star, birch plywood


  1. Your clown is really lovely and the box is too, Lesley!
    Love it!
    Claudia xx

  2. I think your clown is adorable! I'm not scared of clowns generally, but I think this beautiful little box would go a long way to curing any clown phobic person. I think there's a word for phobia of clowns, isn't there? xx

  3. He is not scary at all Lesley and I think the colours you chose are perfect combined with the clown Andy I love he added star. Tracy x