Thursday, 22 June 2017

By The Sea by Lesley

Hey folks, Lesley here with a sea assemblage for you.

This is the second hanging glass doodah i have can see the other one here.

Lots of new seaside bits and bobs in the shop, including some really cool seaweed.

The seahorse was painted pink, then a layer of crackle glaze over the top......and then gold paint rubbed into the cracks.

The seaweed was painted with green and blue paints. I then applied a layer of diamond glaze and dipped it into a bag of micro beads. Loving that effect!

Then it was just a case of arranging  driftwood discs, shells and some moss. Once i was pleased with the arrangement, i glued the seaweed and seahorse into place, letting it dry overnight.

I actually planned to place two seahorses in the glass doodah.......but there just wasn't enough room.
So i decided to make an ATC using the same colourway as before.

I used a stencil and white paint to create some waves. And green micro beads for the sea.

The ornate frame of the ATC was given a coat of diamond glaze to finish.

Thanks for reading.

Ingredients used.

Seahorse, style one
Bull Kelp, seaweed, style 4
Shaped ATC with scroll

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  1. I love that little seahorse!It's perfect in the hanging glass assemblage. xx