Wednesday 10 May 2017

Perched on Her Throne by Lesley

Howdy people. Lesley here with an assemblage piece for you.

Following on form my last post where i used the pipework maze craft parts.......i decided to try and use some more pieces from the sheet on this weeks piece.

I started out by gluing together an ATC cube and primed it with gesso.
Next i splodged on some patina colour pastes onto five of the sides. (Quite a lot of colour usage for me! ha ha!)

I really wanted to use the arch pieces form the pipework set, so i secured them to the top of cube using aves clay, so that they stood up. And then a few of the mini ones on the other side. .

Once the clay had gone off........i painted them with a metallic brass paint.

Using some more of the pipework, i added them to the corners of the cube, again painted with the brass colour.

The dolls head was painted white and then dry brushed with a bit old silver and brass paint.

For her head, i used a large cog, and another piece form the pipe set. And then a rusty cow bell for her hat.

To finish off, i added some diamantes and a heart pendant from my stash.

I think she looks like she is perched on her throne! Minus her body of course!

Thanks for reading.

Ingredients used
Pipework Maze
MDF Cog shape, style 7
ATB Cube kit, plain


  1. Great assemblage, Lesley. I love her hat with its bell. Great way to use one of the ATBs too. x

  2. So cool, Lesley!

    Genius use of the pipework and that bell!!! And I love the colours too! She looks fantastic on her throne. And once more it is "great minds think alike" (like we already did with the tiny houses and the soldering) is almost spooky (you will know what I am talking about when you see my project on Monday *wink). ;)

    Love love love your assemblage piece!

    Claudia xxx

  3. Love how,you used the Craft Parts. Love the cool headdress and those Patina colours. Tracy x