Thursday, 27 April 2017

Lost My Shoe, I Did - by Lesley

Hey people, Lesley here with an altered canvas for you.

Child number one went to Tesco the other day for some treats and left her purse at the checkout. She came back super upset.....and i sent her back to leave our phone number there should someone hand it in. She really didn't want to go....and i was trying to explain to her that there were nice folk in the world and it might turn up. This reminded me of when i used to run pubs (in another life, before kids) and the numerous people that used to come in on a sunday/monday asking if i had found their purse/necklace etc.
One particular weekend, a girl came in asking me if i had found her shoe! She just kept saying to me "lost my shoe, i did". How on earth do you lose a shoe?
I was still thinking about her when i sat down to do my Calico piece......and this is how the canvas came about!

I started by priming the canvas with gesso and then used Decoart chalk finish paints on it. 2 colours and some crackle glaze were used. And i used black paint to age the canvas.

I used different parts from the pipework maze craft parts set for added dimension around the edge of the canvas, and a few bits on the front. These bits were painted green with a touch of gold wax added.

I added a piece of hessian into the aperture of the canvas where the shoe would hang and then added a hole in the dolls shoe to attach a jump ring and a length of chain so the shoe would hang in the hole of the canvas.

I had to add the words "lost my shoe, i did" seemed wrong not to!

The mini plaques were painted green before adding the stamped words.

I never did find the girls shoe, and sadly child number one never got her purse back either. A lesson learnt for the thirteen year old.......take care of your stuff!

Thanks for reading,

Ingredients used
Pipework maze
Notched rectangle mini plaques


  1. Love this Lesley - and the story behind it! I particularly like the way you used the pipe work to frame the piece. It's truly a 'found object', which I hope your daughter's purse was handed in and became a 'found object' too. x

  2. Lesley, this is so cool! I really love the pipe work as well!
    hahaa I will be saying that phrase all day! heehee
    Sorry about your daughter's purse "(

    Fab canvas- well done!
    Jackie xx

  3. I love the pioework too and in I love how you incorporated the shoe. Love the text too and the font. Tracy x