Thursday, 2 March 2017

Heart in my Hand by Lesley

Hi everyone. And welcome to my post which this week is an assemblage.

I love houses, and often alter them. I surprised myself by realising i had never done one of the tall houses!

I started by painting all the pieces with silver paint. I then stamped onto the roof and the insides of the house and used a fine black embossing powder over the images. Once this was all dry, i glued the house together.

I soldered around all the edges......i do love a bit of soldering!

Using an old broken necklace, i glued the diamante bits to the roof of the house.

And a couple of the decorative links to the sides.

Next, came the inside of the house........i have lots of odd arms and legs from all the dolls i take apart when i use their heads. Seemed a shame not to try an use them.

I found a matching pair of hands and wrapped lots of wire around them, including a mini heart which i had painted red. Once they were secure, i wedged a sparkly heart into the hands, and glued them into the house.

Kinda like how this turned out.......will have to do a leg one next time. :-)

Thanks for reading.

Ingredients used
Framed style MDF house kit Tall
Primitive mini MDF heart plaque


  1. Really love this, Lesley! Those little hands are brilliant and the red is the perfect touch with the black, silver and stones. xx

  2. Lesley, this is totally Cool! I love how you decorated the house shrine and those wired hands and heart- just perfect to complete this!

  3. Wow! LOVE your soldered house assemblage, Lesley!
    I already loved the small one you did some months ago, but this is just as stunning and I love those dolls hands with the hearts and the wire wrapped around them! Cool embossing on the roof as well! And those stones are the perfect addition!

    Claudia xxx

  4. Lovely little house Lesley. Love how you recycled a necklace . Love the dolls hands holding the heart. Tracy x