Thursday, 26 January 2017

There is nothing like a dream... by Jennie

Hello and welcome to my second project this month. 

I had good clear out of one of my cupboards in the craft room recently and discovered some napkins I hadn't crafted with for a while and I thought they would suit a decoupage style hanging.

I used three notched panels which first got a coat of brown acrylic paint. Note too that when you order your panels you can decide where you want the holes punched - such a brilliant idea!

I then used DecoArt Crackle Paint - painting on a thinnish layer. When it had dried I blended some ink around the edges to give it a more vintage look.

I then decorated each panel with pieces cut or torn from the napkins. I love this particular set as it has a combination of flowers, text and butterflies.

If you have not used napkins before, you need to peel off the layers so you are left with the one very flimsy printed layer. Carefully adhere a gel medium to the back of the napkin piece and lay it very carefully on the panel brushing out from the centre with your paintbrush. Use a very soft brush and delicate strokes but if it does rip it all adds to the vintage look!

Once I was happy with the layering of the napkin I gave the whole panel a coating of gel medium.

For the middle panel I created my own bespoke wood word using the Coventry Garden Font. This is a wonderful way of making your project very personal.

I did my usual "splodging" with acrylic white paint to get this vintage look. 

Finally it was very easy to thread a length of string through the beautifully drilled holes!

Thank you so much for joining me today and I hope this might inspire you to check out some of the napkins you might be hoarding!

Jennie x

Calico Craft Parts Used:


  1. This is beyond beautiful, Jennie!
    Love the images used, the crackle, the colours and your stunning design! Breathtaking!

    Claudia xxx

  2. Beautiful hanging, Jennie! Love your crackle and use of the paper napkins is so clever!

  3. What a beautiful combination of crackle and napkins to create a perfect, shabby chic hanging - absolutely lovely, Jennie. xx

  4. This is georgeous and that really is a nifty idea to be able to choose where the holes are drilled. I love the colours. I have everything to hand in my stash too just need some spare time. Don't suppose you have any to spare!! hugs Mrs A.