Thursday, 19 January 2017

Rusty Flower Art by Lesley

Hey everyone, Lesley here with an upcycled rusty piece for you.

This piece was unbelievably cheap to make! The wooden base was rescued form the scrap wood pile at work last year. I originally thought it a piece of skirting board, but looking at the shape of, it seems it isn't. No idea what it was meant for!

It was painted black to begin with, so i gave it a couple of coats of gesso. I then applied a few layers of rust paste all over the block.

The next bit is where it became super cheap! I used the greyboard round mini shapes with rusty wire to make the flowers. As you may know, i'm a huge fan of the mini's......and if you choose to have the shapes in greyboard rather than MDF.....they are even more of a bargain at £1.20 a sheet!
I took 8 of the circles and painted them brown and then added the rust paste to just one side of each of them. Once they were dried i took long lengths of rusty wire, gluing one piece to the back of a circle and shaped some petals for the flowers, leaving 2 long lengths for the stems. I then glued the another circle to the back.

The little clay face was left over from a previous project, which i glued to one of the flowers. I bent the stems to make an L shape and slotted them in the wood, and poured in a liquid glue to secure them.

Whilst this was drying, i took two of the mini MDF plaques and added some wordage.

These were glued to the front of the block. To finish the piece, i added a long length of the wire, wrapping it around the block several times.

I've said it before, and i'll say it again.......these mini shapes are so versatile.........i can't imagine doing a project and not using them!

Cheers for reading,

Ingredients used
Greyboard round mini shapes
Notched rectangle MDF mini wood shapes


  1. Wow! LOVE love love your rust, Lesley! It looks so realistic! Absolutely amazing! And the idea of the rusted flowers is just brilliant and what I like to call "crafted poetry"! Love this to bits!

    Claudia xxx

  2. I always love rust. This is a great make, Lesley! xx