Thursday 8 December 2016

A Little Bit of Christmas Spoonage by Lesley

Happy December to you all! I hope you're all busy doing Christmassy type stuff?!

I had an idea in my head that i wanted to alter some old spoons.......but the room of trash (my craft room) is an absolute mess, and i couldn't find them.
Plan B.......was to make my own!

I started by taking a piece of driftwood and a long length of rusty wire. I drilled holes into the driftwood for the wire to go through. The wire, i doubled in length and shaped into an oval and then wrapped around the top of the stick, poking it through the holes to make it more secure.
Once i was happy with the shape, i took some plaster bandage, soaked it in water and wrapped it around the wire frame. I let this go off and harden.

The spoon was then given a watered down coat of silver paint. I stamped some stars onto some tissue paper and glued this down. Then using my finger, i rubbed silver paint over the spoon concentrating on all the lumps and bumps.

Next, i dolloped on some texture paste with a palette knife, and sprinkle on some mica flakes and some micro beads, making sure to cover the back as well.

From the mini shapes number 2 style, i painted a snowflake silver and glued it to the spoon.

The little star was painted silver as well, and with a little spoon charm, i used some silver wire and attached it just under the plaster bandage.

Looking at the finished spoon, i actually think it would look lovely as a napkin decoration. Instead of using a star, you could use one of the mini plaques and write a name on it and attach it to the napkin....would make a pretty table dec! You think?

Anyhoooooo.........i couldn't just make a pretty sparkly spoon......i JUST had to make a rusty one as well! ha ha

The spoon was made exactly as above but once the plaster was set, i used rust paste to cover it all.

I then gave it a super thick coat of melted wax and sprinkled on some micro beads to give it a bit of a twinkle!

I used one of the baubles from the mini shapes and attached it along with a rusty bell using some more wire.

Not quite as Christmassy as the other one.....but certainly more Lesley styley!

Thanks heaps for reading.

Ingredients used
Mini MDF snowflakes. Style 2
Mini MDF primitive star shape
Mini MDF Christmas baubles


  1. Well done for being so resourceful and clever - you can't find spoons to alter - make your own! I love the rusty one and I think they would be great as napkin holders definitely. xx

  2. I agree with Julie very clever and inventive. Love these so unique. Tracy x