Wednesday 26 October 2016

Christmas Hanging House Dec. by Lesley

Howdy peeps.

I have been working on some little Christmas hanging decs these past couple of weeks, and thought i would share one with you.

Obviously this one is typical of a Christmas dec.......the others i have made have dolls heads in them and even a clown was used! But child number one insisted it was in bad taste to post it here in light of the news lately. Can't say i agree 100%!

I used one of the tall houses, gluing it together as usual but leaving the front off. I gave the entire thing two coats of white paint. Once dried, i gave the outer wall a coat of crackle glaze and rubbed silver paint into the cracks when it had dried.

The inside of the house was also given the crackle treatment.....whilst it was still wet, i chucked a load of dimensional balls into the box, large and small.

I used silver paint to dab over the surface of the balls, and then spritzed some silver shimmery gloss spray directly into the house. I love the texture the different size balls give the box.

Next....came out the soldering iron. I covered all joins with tape and soldered over the top. I deliberately kept the soldering bumpy rather than going for a smooth look.......thought it gave the house even more texture.

The little bottle brush tree was originally white. Using my finger, i covered it with a green wax and glued it in place.

The final layer of texture was the roof, which i covered with small tinsel bits.

To hang the house, i soldered a small jump ring to the roof and added a piece of chain.

A link to a my fellow team member Claudia's blog popped up in my newsfeed the other day.....and i popped over to have a looky. Great minds think alike......and she has been making christmas decs using the little house as well! You can hop over and have a gander here at her lovely vintage hanging dec.

Thanks for reading!

Ingredients used
Block style house kit.


  1. At first glance I thought your little house was made from glass! I love the idea of the solder, it looks amazing.

  2. Ooooh, this is just fab, fab, fab, Lesley!
    I had already been waiting to see your soldered house when you mentioned that we had the same idea on how to use the little houses! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your version - it has delicious texture and looks really festive! And yes- the bumpy soldering adds perfectly to its enchanting character! Thanks so much for linking to my post - isn't it funny to find how different our houses still look - yours is so "you" - and I love that!

    Claudia xxx

  3. Love the soldering and like Anne I thought it looked like glass too. Wonderful crackle texture and love the sweet tree. I love these houses. Tracy x

  4. Really beautiful little decoration! I love the texture and that tiny tree! xxx