Thursday, 13 October 2016

Big Bird Canvas by Lesley

Hey people.

So.......a good friend of mine came over last week, and after sorting through some of my crafty makes, she informed me that my work always had the same colour palette. Cheeky cow.

Although i had to agree with her a tiny bit. So, to prove to her i can do different colours............i've gone completely different this week! No black (well, a tiny amount) and no rust!

I started out with a small box canvas and  I primed this with gesso.

Using spray inks, paint and water.........i gradually built up layers of colour until i was happy with the coverage.

I then added a couple of layers of different stamps, not forgetting around the edge of the canvas.

Finally, using a lid from a paint pot, i added white circles and then flicked black, blue and silver ink.

The bird is one of the large mdf ravens. I painted him white and then added a layer of crackle glaze. Once dry, i added some grey antiquing cream.

The fluffy white feathers were glued down along with a black enameled nail head for an eye.

To finish, i added the mini plaques (a staple fave of mine) with the words "big bird" stamped onto them.

Cheers for reading.


Ingredients used
Raven mdf bird shape
Notched rectangle wooden mini plaque


  1. Lol...I know what this kind of "friendly" can cause - if you let them. *rollingeyes

    But you definitely know how to rock with a different colour palette too - love your fluffy bird and that fantastic "background" - and that it still is "you" behind the make.

    Claudia x

  2. Ah, yes, I love this, but not just because it's a different colour palette! I like rust and black! I just love the way you used that raven so imaginatively and the stamps over the edge of the canvas are great! Like Claudia says, it's still your style, Lesley, and you've proved that you can work with really different colours too! x

  3. Love it Lesley, your bird is fab and I love the colours on the canvas. Love how you added the decoration around the edges. Tracy x

  4. Lesley, I love your colorful palette and floofy fun bird!! (and the cheeky cow comment!)