Wednesday 28 September 2016

Keeper of the Heart by Lesley

Hey people. Lesley here with an art doll assemblage for you.

I had sooooooo much fun creating this, was actually a little bit sad when i finished it!

As usual, i started out having no clue what i was making (pretty much the norm for me!) So i gave myself a challenge and closed my eyes and grabbed the craft part out of the box. This ended up to be one of the small cubes. I glued this together and covered it with sand texture paste. Once dry, i painted it with a grey wash.

The legs was from my stash.........they were given some sand texture paste as well, and then red paint rubbed over them. A couple of rusty washers and then her black shoes were added on.

Her head was roughly painted grey with a few dark grey strokes added. I used a lump of clay to make her neck. I used three cogs to sit her head on.

The clay was quite ugly i used a length of cord to wrap around her neck.

For her eyes, i used mini screw heads.

The rusty knob thing on her head was something one of my twins bought home after a walk!

She needed arms.......they came from my stash. The hands are actually on i thought she better have her heart to hold!

To finish off, i added a bit of glitz to her head.

I hope you like her as much as i do........she was a joy to create!

Thanks for reading.

Ingredients used,

Wooden cogs, style 5
Wooden cogs, style 2
Mini MDF hardware shapes 
Artist trading block, cube kit


  1. Love your heart doll no I particularly love that she is holding a heart and I adore her legs . Tracy x

  2. She is a great art doll, Lesley! I can understand you feeling sad that this process had ended. She must have been such fun to create. x

  3. Lol...your work process sounds pretty much like mine, Lesley!
    I LOVE your art doll and how she came to life! She sure has her heart in the right spot! Awesomely inspirational!

    Claudia xxx