Thursday, 15 September 2016

House on the Cliff by Lesley

Hey everyone. Lesley here with a little house for you. (i'm still quite obsessed with these!)

I've been wanting to use this slab of wood for awhile now. To resembled a cliff, where it has been chiseled i knew a house had to sit on top of it.

 The house is a large block style cube one. I gave it a coat of gesso and then attacked it with rust paste.

The roof was heat embossed with rust embossing powder.

The windows were painted grey and then black dabbed over the top. And then i added some little screwheads.

And the door was coated in crackle glaze with black rubbed into the cracks.

 I trimmed the fence down to fit and left an opening where the door is. I left this plain, as the natural colour of craft parts is rather scrummy!

 I added a smidge of colour by adding a little tree, which consisted off a rusty screw, a blob of glue and some green moss type stuff.

 I think i may have one more house idea up my sleeve............

Thanks for reading.

Ingredients used

Mini MDF doors
Mini MDF windows
Block style MDF house
Mini MDF hardware
Picket fence panel


  1. Great little house, Lesley! It is so full of miniature character. I love how you did the roof. I can't wait to see the other ideas you have too!

  2. Fabulous house. May I live there please? Xx

  3. LOVE love love this, Lesley!
    Crafted poetry at its best!

    Claudia xxx