Thursday, 4 August 2016

Money Spider by Lesley

Howdy people. Lesley here with a thingymebob type thing for you in the shape of a spider! Not quite halloween yet........but not long!

After last weeks colourful canvas.........i was itching to get back to some rust! ha ha

The base is an old lump of wood nicked from the cellar from where i work. I flicked red paint over the top to give the piece a splash of colour.

The spider is from the twins toybox. The front end was painted with rust paste. And the bottom end was painted with black acrylic, a layer of crackle and then antiquing cream was rubbed into the cracks.

I used a couple of spider webs which were painted black with a white wash over the top.

And the little diddy spiders were painted black with a triple thick gloss coat over the top.

Along the side of the wood i added a couple of mini plaques, painted red and stamped the words money spider.

Here's hoping the rascal brings me some money!

Thanks for reading

Ingredients used
Spider dangling from web
Spiders web, style 1
Spider shape, style 3
Rectangle shape, mini wood plaque


  1. Absolutely brilliantly spookiliciously creepy, Lesley! One of the best (pre-)Halloween makes I've ever seen! Pinned of course!

    Claudia xxx

  2. Have you ever seen Louise Bourgeois' amazing spider sculpture that was in the Tate Modern, Lesley! I think you would really love it. This is a great piece and really reminds me of her work. xx