Thursday 25 August 2016

Butterfly House by Trish


Another day.. another house!

This time, I've used the tall house with a wonky roof to create a butterfly assemblage :)

Once the house was glued together, I created a painty background on a piece of card. This was then cut up and glued to the house. As its so chunky, it gives a fab 3D look..

I created the butterfly by stamping it onto both a bit of acetate, and a bit of copy paper. I then traced the shape onto some stamped paper and painted paper, then cut everything out and glued them together. The finished result is a layered butterfly, with lots of detail going on!

I put the house onto a small candlestick base to give it a bit of height, then added a phrase to finish. I hope you like it!

Trish x

CCP used:
Tall house with wonky roof (large version)


  1. I love the shape of the wonky house and you have decorated it beautifully! The butterfly is a stunning addition. Anne x

  2. I really love your butterfly house, Trish! What a great idea for these beautiful little kits. xx