Thursday, 7 July 2016

Plant Pot Stakes by Lesley

Howdy people.

Leslie here with an uber quick little home decor piece. I had been thinking of these since doing the rusty garden ornament which you can see here......but didn't really have an exact plan in my head.
When Helen designed the diddy houses, i knew i could use them.

I am not a plant person at fact I don't have any indoor plants at all! So I had to make an arrangement of sorts to house the plant stakes out of twigs, some foliage from the garden and a large chunk of rusty metal rescued from an old boat!

I used the same rust paste as the garden ornament, gluing the house together first.

The other was painted using a concrete paste. The sticks are wooden skewers that you use for kebabs.
Before gluing the houses together, i drilled a hole in the base for the sticks.

The idea was to use the mini wooden doors on the houses but this did not work out as planned! The paste is really quick thickly the doors did not sit very flush the house, looked kinda naff! I will make some more of these, but will sit the doors into the paste whilst its still wet!
Finally i finished them off with a couple of coats of  matt medium.

I think these will look equally cool in bright colours, although i will always be a rust girl at heart!

Thanks for reading.

Ingredients used
Block style MDF house
Block style MDF house with wonky roof


  1. Love the arrangement with the rusty plant pot, the foliage and the plant stakes, Lesley! Such a great way to use those lovely houses!

    Claudia xx

  2. I love these little houses and what a great way to use them!