Thursday, 9 June 2016

Rusty Hanging Garden Thingymebob by Lesley

Morning all you good people.
I hope wherever you are the sun is shining on you today. Its gorgeous down here on the south east coast. Seeing as summer seems to have finally arrived, i decided to alter a snowflake bauble decoration! Why the hell not eh?

Was having a chat with one my most favest crafty people the other day who is a crazy mad garden fanatic..........and she got me thinking about garden decorations. I am not a gardener, infact i pretty much loathe gardening........but i do like a few weird and wonderful rusty things dotted around, so.........with that in mind, i set about creating a little rusty garden hanging thingymebob.

I started by priming the bauble with a coat of gesso. The rust effect on the bauble was achieved by using rust paste in three different colours.

It still looked a tad Christmassy to me, so i rusted up some mini primitive stars and glued them to each side.

I used rusty wire to make hoops to hang the bauble and added some rusty nuts from my stash.

The chain was from a broken necklace which was given the rusty treatment along with a couple of wind charms.

Obviously the hangy thingymebob needed protecting from the horrible weather, so i gave it nine thousand coats of outdoor matt varnish.

I apologise for the rubbish pics. I may never make a hangy thingymebob ever again, purely for the fact that taking pics is so damn hard!

Thanks for reading.

Ingredients used
3D snowflake bauble
Mini primitive star shapes


  1. I can imagine what a nightmare it would be photographing this! It's such a great idea and it must look great in your garden though! You've inspired me to make one, as I love all kinds of rusty hardware in the garden myself. :)

  2. That rust looks so brilliant! As if it had already been in your garden for ages! Wow! xxx

  3. Fab idea Lesley, I adore the rust and being that mad obsessed gardener I love it lol. Hugs. Tracy x