Thursday, 30 June 2016

Home Is Where The Heart Is - by Trish


Have you seen all the FABULOUS houses in the Calico Craft Parts shop? Love love love them :) The mini houses are just totally adorable..... and led me to think a little outside the box for my project today!


Another view....

It's not as hard as you might think to create either!

Firstly, glue all the bits together APART from the bottom!

When TOTALLY dry, drill a hole through the apex of the roof! This is easily done using an Archimedes drill. (really cheap from Ebay!)

The main 'stem' part of the drill remains in a vertical position, and you use your fingers to move the bit at the top (the bit that looks like it has rings around it) up and down. Drills holes through MDF like butter :)


To make the bail, twist the end of some wire into a large 'lump' (any shape that won't go through the hole!)

Then thread it through the hole....

Twist the top into a loop shape and trim off any excess wire...

Then you can glue on the bottom!

I then covered the whole thing with book pages...

All ready to decorate!

I kept it fairly simple, a clear glaze with added brown dye ink to age the house slightly, then a large red heart attached by wrapping wire around both it and the house..

The finishing touch was a cut out word: 'home'.

So.... Home Is Where The Heart Is. Geddit?!?!

There will be many more houses to follow.... so brace yourselves :)

Trish xxx

CCP used:
Block Style MDF House Kit Short : mini version