Thursday, 2 June 2016

Callie Spoon and her underwater adventure! by Trish


My favourite Art Doll, Callie Spoon is back for another adventure!

This time, Callie is snorkelling, in amongst the weeds and fishes :)

I created my art doll in the same way as I have before, the details can be found in this post from a few months ago..

I used 2 lots of Wild Grass style 4, and a larger Wild Grass style 1 as the weeds, then a Crucian Carp, a Zander and a Dace fish (size small) to swim around the scene!

I don't think these fish are really those colours though...... :)

Callie herself is holding some starfish she has collected, and is wearing a rather fetching set of glitter goggles alongside her snorkel..

It's so much fun dreaming up these scenes, I hope you like them too!

Trish x

Calico Craft Parts Used:
Wild Grasses


  1. Callie even looks stylish underwater! So posh!
    Love the colours of the fish (I am sure in real life they look rather! And the base everything is located on is such a fab idea!
    Claudia xx

  2. What a great idea! Callie should be appearing in her own Nature documentary about the underwater world! xx