Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pen pot: Extreme style :) by Trish


The ATB cube kits with apertures make wonderful containers, so I wondered just how bonkers I could go with that theme! The result... bit of an extreme pen pot!

Fully functional..... but decorative as well :)

The pen pot is made from two square aperture cubes, a larger one to hold the pens, and a medium sized one to act as the head part. I covered the assembled cubes with book pages, then decorated them!

Both cubes were coloured in the same way, paint smeared on with my fingers, then a little stencilling and stamping. I added two large spools to the bottom cube to act as decorative feet, or even 'wheels'!

I positioned the smaller cube at an angle, off set a little to give more room in the pen pot part! It needed a face....

The finishing touch is the explosion of hearts popping out of her head!

These are painted hearts from the mini shapes set, glued onto wire then glued onto the base of the cube.

Not sure whether this represents love for her art exploding out of her.... or maybe just a funky hat type thing :)

The pens can then be placed in the pot....

And it can be placed on your desk!

Join me next time, for part 147 of  ' how many weird things can you make with ATB cube kits' :)

Love Trish xx

CCP used:
ATB cube kits: Square Aperture
Mini shapes: Hearts


  1. Brilliant Trish! Such a fun and uplifting design x

  2. Love it bonkers and brilliant ! xxx

  3. Love your extreme pen pot Trish. Fabulous colours and I adore the face and hearts. Tracy x

  4. Crazy and cute - love it!
    Alison x

  5. Amazing design and so cheerful colors and so much lovely patterns on it. I like the funny face and the small hearts very much. WOW!