Thursday, 12 May 2016

A Kaleidoscope of Colour by Lesley

Howdy peeps. Lesley here with an explosion of colour!

I started out with a printers tray (style 4) with no compartments. I didn't bother priming it......just attacked it with the paint drying between each colour. I just splodged the paint on and then flicked some random splatters.

The paintbrushes belonged to my twins. They were sat on the side of the sink waiting for me to clean them......they take after me......messy pups!

I wrapped them with some wire and used a little plaque which i had drilled small holes in. And then added a weeny face.

I used letters from the mini sheet to spell out ART three times to place in the corner. 

I added some feet to the tray and painted them black and white and then added some detail around the edge with a paint pen. 

The side looked kinda boring, so i added a little handle. 

Then the top looked i added another larger handle!

And that was pretty much it! One way of using old paintbrushes!!

Big thanks for reading!

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  1. LOVE your twins' paintbrushes, Lesley!
    And also how you framed them! Awesome colours and style!
    Claudia x

  2. I really love this Lesley :)

  3. Love the kaleidoscope of colour and fabulous touches of black and white along with the recycled paintbrushes. Tracy x

  4. I adore this way of using old paintbrushes! The colour choices are fabulous on this and what a great concept! xx

  5. Wow Lesley, you 'attacked and flicked' paint beautifully - this looks fantastic, love the brushes too! Anne x

  6. Great Artwork. Bravo!

  7. Lesley, this is absolutely too cool! great way to upcycle and great piece of art!!