Thursday 10 March 2016

Watch Me! By Trish

I have a quirky Art Doll to share today!

Forgive the dodgy picture.... This is probably attempt 459.. who knew it would be such a nightmare to get enough light into the TV Box part on her head! Most of the earlier efforts looked so dark you couldn't see inside!

I drilled a hole in an ATB cube kit (square aperture) and inserted a length of wire. The face was glued to the bit of the wire in the box, and a dress shape on the wire outside of the box. I made some 'rabbit ears' antenna from cocktail sticks and clay, painted them silver and added them to the box.

Black dimensional paint dots look like cool TV buttons!
The 'watch me' phrase is a design your own word.... I chose courier font for this!

The words are attached to the dolls arms by wire, wrapped around to give a secure hold.
I hope you like her.... ( and I hope she can get out of there at some point!!)

Have a great day!
Trish xx

CCP used:
ATB cube kit (small, square aperture)
Design your own words, Courier font.

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