Thursday, 17 March 2016

Papilo by Lesley

Helloooooo, Lesley here with an assemblage for you..........

I started this piece with an idea in my head.........and it turned out absolutely nada like i had envisaged! Something i do all the time!
The main block is two small cubes glued together which were given a coat of white gesso. Torn up bits of text tissue paper were randomly glued on, and i then gave it a wash of watered down black paint. 
Using watered down red paint, i let it dribble down all four sides of the block. 

Whilst making this piece, i was clearing out my book case and came across some school books, and found an English piece i had written about H.G.Wells and his work entitled The Wonderful Visit. My block then needed to have butterflies on it! I actually ended up writing a snippet from the piece around the sides of the cube, which you can just about see in the pics. 

I used the flora and fauna pieces with cabbage flowers and butterflies on three sides of the cubes.

I added some painted metal flowers and little legs. 

A porcelain arm was glued to one side with rusty wire and a painted butterfly added. 
I glued a mini plaque to the front and stamped the word "papilo" which means butterfly in Latin.

The top bit is actually a wooden table i pinched from my twins dolls house! This was painted and the top embossed. I added some moss and a couple of the mini butterflies and some more rusty wire. 

Thanks so much for reading. 


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  1. Love those drips Lesley and I love how you added an arm to hold the rusty butterfly. At first I thought they were clovers, think I am thinking too much re St Patrick's lol. Love it anyway. Tracy x

  2. Oh wow, crazy little thing, well done.