Thursday, 21 January 2016

Face in the Stars by Lesley

Hey everyone....Lesley here with my little creation.........

The base is chunk of wood which was recycled. (used to be a floorboard in a previous life) I gave it a rough coat of white gesso to give the paint something to grab onto. 
Using a variety of colours paintwise..........i built up lots of layers until i was happy with the look of the wood.

The nails were rusted up before hammering into the side of the wood. 

The dolls face was a little vintage find which i very nearly killed! Due to lack of patience i took the heat gun to it to speed up paint drying, and managed to melt the top of her head. Poor thing. 
Anyhoo........after painting, i applied some crackle glaze randomly and then rubbed in some paint once it was dry. With the star garland, i used embossing powder in a black with gold specks. Makes it pop!
I packed the inside of the face with clay, so i had a surface to glue the face down with. And added some rusty wire. 

I used one of the mini plaques and a few rub-ons were added to the wood to finish it off.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Totally and utterly COOL Leslie! I love this piece!!
    had to share!
    Jackie ")

  2. Shoot, I think I just spelled your name wrong...sorry "(