Thursday, 28 January 2016

Big Hair Day: By Trish


Did you see the new corner shapes? I saw this one:

and my first thought? HAIR! Turn it around, and that would make the most fabulous hairdo for an art doll.

So.... that is exactly what I did!

I sketched out the face shape based upon the size of the hair...

then added in the rest of her body. I decided to use an ATC blank as the base shape for this...

Once the sketching was done, I coloured the face..

The weird 'sort of hair' shape on top of her head at this point is the area that will be seen underneath the MDF corner once it is added on top. As the MDF shape has gaps, these need to be coloured to match so the hair is consistent. The hair will be black and shiny, so that's what happened on top of her head....

Yep, looks very odd!!!! Once the hair is on it looks much better...

(well it will once it's been coloured!)

Her dress was painted green, with white dots added. This ATC blank is a Christmas one, but I think the mistletoe 'dangly bit' looks like a decorative part of her dress! I added a collar as well..

I also used one of the create your own words, this one says 'love', and is a 20mm tall Coventry Garden font design.

The stand is also created from Calico Craft Parts. I used three plain baubles (large size), although you could do the same thing using birch ply circles. I cut the holes from the baubles using strong scissors....

The circles were then glued together, and painted.  I drilled a hole through them, and pushed a bit of thick wire into the hole. The Art Doll is then glued onto the wire to make her stand up..

So... all in all a bit of a random creation from me today... Baroque corner hair, and Christmas shapes used in non Christmassy ways! I rather like the randomness :)

Have a fab day,

Trish xx

CCP used:
Baroque Corner
ATC blank
Bauble blanks
Create Your Own Word


  1. What an inspired make Trish...she's gorgeous x

  2. This is utterly fabulous - what a great use of materials for a new purpose! Fantastic

  3. Love love love this Trish! x

  4. How cute is that! Clever stuff with the hair!
    Alison xx

  5. She's gorgeous, Trish! Love the inventive way you've used the various pieces.