Thursday, 3 December 2015

Angelic Art Doll: By Trish

I couldn't resist combining two of my most favourite things... ATB cube kits and Art Dolls!
I give you.... the Angelic ATB Art Doll!

Her body is created from a medium and a small ATB cube kit. I've angled the bottom one slightly to give a less 'blocky' profile!
The blocks were covered in music print paper, then given a wash of white. A little stencilling with metallic silver paint was all the decoration needed...

Her wings were given the same whitewashed, stencilled look..

I created the heart from clay, then added wire and crystals....

More wire and crystals to create a halo, and also a decorative border to the bottom cube...

Her face is a fabulous Octopode image, coloured with watercolour pencils...

I hope you like her... she will be displayed somewhere where the light will catch her crystals, I reckon!
Have a fabulous Thursday!

Trish xx

CCP used:
ATB Cube Kits

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