Thursday, 19 November 2015

Decorate your tree! By Trish


Did you know you can make fancy schmancy Christmas ornaments from ATB cube kits? You can!!!
(apologies for the first pic.... getting these to stay perfectly still whilst you take pics isn't easy)

All I did to the cube was to cover it in music paper, then glue on some snowflakes! The trickiest (ish) part is sorting out the hanging parts!

First, you need to grab a bit of wire and make a loop..

push the wire through a bead ....

then bend it back on itself and trim...

I glued three circles together..

Then glued the bead to the top. Simples!

For the bottom hanging part, I then added extra beads, and finished with a star...

This then can get glued to the underside of your ornament..

A second bead/wire/circle combo then needs to be created, and glued to the top so you can hang it up!

The snowflakes were given a bit of gilding with foil flakes...

I hope you like it.... so many uses for a cube lol!!
Trish xx

CCP parts used:
Small cube
Circles (plus the middle 'waste' from this cogs sheet)

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