Thursday, 27 August 2015

Dream by Trish


I like putting things in shadow box frames... and I've discovered the perfect thing for doing just that!

My little lady stands in one of these:
This is a printers tray style 4, basically a tray with no dividing parts! I covered it with book pages, then gave it a wash of blue paint, nothing complicated. Once drawn and coloured, 'Dream' girl was glued in place inside the tray...

She is holding a magic wand, just ready to make your dreams come true! The star is from the mini primitive star sheet, and was covered with red glitter....

'Dream' is a create your own word! Yep, you can have any word you want, in a choice of sizes and 5 different fonts! How cool is that! I'm almost ashamed that I didn't choose something a bit more 'out there'... Dream is hardly an unusual word to choose, but I have a this space..

Have a good day everyone!
Trish xx

Calico Craft parts used:
Printers Tray
Create your own word

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  1. Absolutely charming… and I was just about to do something in one of these trays too - how's that for great minds?! I'll save it for later now!!
    Alison xx