Thursday, 13 August 2015

Cube Art Doll by Trish

So... another project, another cube! Yep, love these things!
This one is a 2" with a square aperture. Now, normally I might use the apertures to showcase a little bit of ephemera or something, but this time it became a major part in how the whole thing was put together!
Here she is..

I painted the cube, then added stamped text and dots using the 'stamp on tissue then glue on with Mod Podge' technique! I covered all the sides and the wings...

I also covered the tiny candlestick I used for the stand...

The Art Dolls head, and the 'stars on wires' were glued to the inside bottom of the cube. This is why using the aperture cube for this kind of thing works brilliantly... you have somewhere to hide all the 'attaching' that goes on when you need to add heads and things! I covered the actual gluey part with buttons...

But you could use shredded tissue, scrunched up paper, sand, shells, whatever!
I hope you like her... I could play with these cubes for days and days.....

Trish xxx

Cubes can be found HERE


  1. She's amazing Trish, and so cute. I love the added stars too. xx

  2. Oh such fun - what a fabulous doll, and great colours too.
    Alison xx