Thursday, 16 July 2015

Keeper of Hearts by Trish

Today I want to share a larger project, made using one of the fabulous 'display' kits. Bigger than the shrine kits, these are wonderful for creating larger scenes and displays (which is why they're called display kits, obviously!!)

I've called it 'Keeper of Hearts'....

This is display kit 2, and looks like this before it's decorated:

(In case you were wondering, this is a bit of a size comparison so you can see... this is the 'middle sized' kit... there is an even bigger option!)

I gessoed the whole thing, then painted it with green, blue and white paint. I then did a little stamping onto tissue, and Mod Podged the tissue to give the background details..

My figure has wings, and is residing behind some gates.... keeping her in, or keeping you out? You decide....

Surrounding her are lots of hearts... has she stolen them, or taking care of them until needed?

The final touch is spool 'feet'. Feet do come with the kit, but I wanted to raise the height even more with this project...

I hope you like her... I think of her as a keeper... looking after the hearts rather than stealing them away....

See you soon,
Trish xxxx

Calico Craft parts used:

Display kit 2
Fence panel (60 x 90) (x 2)


  1. Love her, Trish! And the fab colours too.
    Alison xx

  2. Trish, this is fabulous! I love the display box and the little lady is just adorable! Anne xx