Thursday, 2 July 2015

Cog Flowers! by Trish


Think creatively...... can you use your stash for other things? Always a good idea to have multi functional stash, I reckon.....

So, today I give you... Cogs as flowers!

The mini cog sheet 3 contains loads of wonderful cogs, great for all those masculine and steam punk projects.... but as I don't do much of either of those, when I looked at that sheet I saw flowers and circles!

I painted the cogs black, then glued them to a painted and stamped background. Cut them out, than filled the circles with glaze to give a nice shiny finish....

The flowers were then glued onto wire, and stuck to a white painted bit of driftwood. I glued on driftwood discs so the whole thing stood up, then added a stamped poem as a finishing touch....

Good old 'stamp onto tissue and stick on with Mod Podge' technique... works every time!

See you soon!

Trish xxxxxx

1 comment:

  1. Brilliantly quirky and creative as always, Trish - love this!
    Alison xx