Thursday 30 July 2015

ATB Art Doll! By Trish


Have you seen the cubes?! They are quite simply FABULOUS! Couldn't wait to get started with them, so here is creation number 1 of probably lots....

(These things are a pain to photograph though!!)
Maybe this angle will show off the cube-ness better...

These cubes are perfect for creating ATBs...Artist Trading Blocks. The possibilities are endless, from the very complex creations to something a little simpler, like my creation today.

Once I had glued the cube together, (this is a 3" cube), I glued a square of black cardstock onto each side. I then created a masterboard, smearing paint over an A4 sized bit of card. After a bit of stencilling, stamping and a bit of splattering , I cut the card into 5 squares (no need for one on the bottom!)

Each square was then fixed to a side of the cube..

I created my art doll by paper piecing stamped images and a cut out dress shape, then fixed it to the front of the cube..

She has a crown made from wire and crystals..

As I said, this is a 3" cube.... I can't wait to show you what I've made with the whole range of sizes.. and apertures!

All the cubes can be found in the shop HERE!

Have a fab day,
Trish xxx


  1. I think you've caught the cubeness beautifully! And I just love the fiery colours and that fabulous crown!
    Alison xx

  2. I love ATB's too. Up till now I have been making my own. Off to have a look in the shop.. Did I tell you I love this one and you just reminded me I have tons of beads which I can use too ! Thanks !
    Corrie x