Thursday, 25 June 2015

What On Earth? by Lesley

I love skeletons and skulls. In fact, i love bones in general.....they fascinate me.

No actual bones in this piece........but i did use one of the fab wood skulls!

I started off with one of the square plaques......these are ideal to use for bases of any art.
I painted the whole base with black gesso, and then added some rusty touches in the centre. In the corners i added glue squiggles. Once dry, i covered some of the board with two layers of tissue paper.........the glue makes great texture. I then painted over the top with rusty gold paint and brushed black mica over the top.

The skull was painted with various layers of rust coloured paint, finishing with a top coat of crackle glaze. I gave him some eyes and added rusty nails and feathers.

He's a handsome fella! I added the words 'What on earth?' because really.........who has a skulls head with nails and feathers as a head-dress?

Thanks for reading.


Ingredients used.
Square Birch Ply wood Plaque
Skull Wood Shape


  1. Not a great fan of skulls myself, but I do love this piece! The rusty background looks amazing!!

  2. Very cool piece Leslie. Love the background and the nails really make it!

  3. Look at all that wonderful texture. Love the crackle too. Very tactile piece. Love it. Tracy x

  4. Wow - how cool is that - crackle and a fabulous nail-mohican - I love it!
    Alison xx