Saturday, 20 June 2015

Shabby Chic ATC Trinket box kit: By Zuzu

Hi there everyone.

Have you checked out the new kits that have begun to appear in the shop? Shrines and ATC trinket boxes for example?

I shared a couple of ideas for shrines last time and this weekend I am doing ATC trinket boxes.I love them and so far I have found that I can fit lots of things in them (not just ATCs.). I am using the ones with the castellated edges but you can also get them with straight edges. I like how these ones have the lid click into place.

Of course ATCs are the exact size of traditional playing cards so I was able to put my "Gypsy Witch Tarot Cards" in to one. the full pack fitted in perfectly. You can buy some beautiful looking retro vintage playing card sets these days that would also go in there and make a great gift.

Something else that fitted in perfectly was my favourite hand made lavender soap bars.I love the combo of lavender and old lace. I painted the butterflies to match the soap on this. I think this would make a stunning gift (but I am keeping this one).

You can, of course, use it for what it was intended for and keep ATCs in it (I did that for next weeks example). you could fit in quite a few of your favourites or do a themed set to give as a gift.
I also have one that I am keeping some healing crystals in.

To make these shabby chic looking ones, I simply painted inside and out with white chalk based paint (a couple of coats), sanded it down gently for a smooth surface on the lid then stamped an image on to it. For things like this I often prefer to have the stamp face up and then press the wooden lid down into it. then i added some craft/washi style tape. I gave it all a white wash (very watery so the stamped image and the print on the washi tape still showed through), and then added some craft part embellishments. I don't always use whole flourishes on things, I break bits off to fit with what I am making and that's what I have done in this instance. I think these bits came from a fancy flower flourish, but I had used the flower head on something else.

So there you go... some ideas for these great ATC trinket boxes.

Calico Craft Parts Used:

ATC trinket box kit
Fancy flower flourish (parts of it)
butterflies (from mini sheet)


  1. Love the way you decorated the trinket box!

  2. Lovely trinket box, love the touches of lavender and the image fits perfectly nestled in with the delicate lace. Tracy x

  3. Such a grand little box Louise!! xo

  4. absolutely stunning Louise....wonderful details and a fabulous gift. I adore these craft parts............fantastic details and really add that special touch to your projects.

    Annie x

  5. I love this! It is so beautiful.