Saturday, 9 October 2021

Oh mummy! by guest designer Lori Woods

 Hello friends! I'm super happy to back with another guest design post for you and since it's October, I went super spooky!

The Standing Skeleton kit is a fantastic 3D kit that has so many possibilities but I decided to make a creepy mummy with mine. Once I had assembled the skeleton, I gave it a quick coat of white gesso. Next I created two eyeballs from clay and glued these into position in the skull eye sockets. Now came the fun part, wrapping the mummy!

I made a mix of watered down white glue- I used PVA but you could use any kind of glue that has a nice runny texture as the idea is to saturate the fabric with it. I cut strips of muslin and gave them a good soak in the glue mix then squeezed out the excess. Then I began wrapping! It doesn't have to be neat and tidy and you can miss out areas of bones like the hip bone and some ribs to give the effect of an ancient old mummy who's starting to unravel a bit!

Once the wrapping was finished and the bandages were dry, I took some watered down brown acrylic paint and used this to create some areas of shadow and a little green paint to create an effect of some moss growing on the mummy. A quick dry brush of white gesso and some red paint for the eyes and the mummy was finished!

Although the kit does stand by itself, I wanted to give the mummy a base so that I could position him in a sort of lurching stance. I used an oval MDF board, painted it green and glued on some art stones to create a bit of texture. I then positioned the mummy in the stance that I wanted and using a strong glue, attached him to the MDF board.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how versatile this kit is and inspires you to create your own creepy cute Halloween decor!

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  1. Soooo awesome! Very cool!
    What a brilliant use of this kit! Love love love!
    Claudia x