Monday, 27 July 2020

Dream by Jannet

If I did dream and I never do, I think I would dream of being floated up and away in my wheelchair by a cascade of butterflies. Wouldn’t such freedom be wonderful ! I decided to portray this imaginary dream onto a mixed media board to hang on the wall. 

After applying 2 coats of white gesso onto my mixed media board, I began mixing water, washing up liquid, and acrylic paint in a bowl. Using a straw I blew into the bowl creating a mass of colourful bubbles which overflowed the top of the bowl. I scooped them onto my board, and let them pop naturally. You could also lay your board onto the bubbles, but the scooping method worked best for me.I made up a separate mixture for each different colour.  

I sketched a lady in a wheelchair, and after giving her some colour I fussy cut her.

The cascade of butterflies came to life with some simple water colour paints, and a white pen. My design was simply, but you could make them as detailed as you like.

I glued the butterflies in place and attached each one to a fibre which flows down to the young woman's hands. I sprinkled a few tiny stars amongst the butterflies for her to make her wishes upon.

Thank you for visiting, and may all your dreams come true xx

Calico Craft Parts used


  1. What a wonderful piece of art Jannet, I love it xx

  2. This is gorgeous, Jannet! Hugs! Claudia xx

  3. This is absolutely wonderful! Love how you did the background, I must try that technique, thank you for the idea! I like your imaginary dream. Take care and stay xxxxxxx