Monday, 20 April 2020

Tree House Escape by Jannet

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own little tree house to escape to! I decided it was time to build myself a miniature one. I used the cube style house kit, a twig, and some bark which I found in my bag of natural goodies which I have salvaged over the years from a nearby forest.

I began by painting the inside of my tree house, and then gluing the sides together. I wanted to add some pictures, so I snipped some little twigs to create a tiny frame around my chosen picture.A thicker piece of twig became the stand for a table, which I stood on a mat, you need to be comfy in your little tree house! There are lots more little whatnots you could make to go inside your house, I was tempted to add a phone or an iPad,  but resisted.

I covered the roof with twigs.

I covered the outside walls with Decoart texture paste. When dry I painted over it with acrylic paints.A tree house always needs some colourful bunting, and I hung some up in red, white and blue. 

It is all very nice to have a tree house, but how do you get up to it! A ladder was urgently needed and some simple string came  to the rescue.

I used some modelling clay as a heavy base to hold the twig upright, and moulded it into a shape to fit inside my piece of bark. After painting some little birds and rabbits I glued them onto the tree and the bark.  I finished by adhering my house onto a twig branch. 

Wishing you lots of fun creating your personal little tree house.

Calico Craft Parts used

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  1. How could I just miss this?
    It's awesome, Jannet! I love your playful and adventurous approach to the Craft Parts! So very inspiring!

    Claudia x