Monday, 9 December 2019

Believe in the Magic of Christmas - by Claudia

Servus, hi and thanks for stopping by today!

If you are looking out for a quickly done ('cos late) Christmas card tutorial, you've landed in the right spot!
The new (but also all the other and older) pieces in the Calico Craft Parts "Christmas & Winter Wood Shapes" section are all perfect for combining them to build lovely winter-y forest and Christmas scenes - which is exactly what I did on my card.

With only the use of the craft parts, DecoArt media white Gesso, red DecoArt Americana ("Cinnamon Drop" to be more precise) and Carbon Black media fluid acrylic paint and a bit of glue I created a Christmas card that incorporates the natural brown from the plain kraft from the card and from the MDF as an own colour.

Calico Craft Parts used:

- Believe Wood Word in Ancestry Font
- Winter Fir Trees, Deer & Bird Scene - MDF Wood Shape
- Sheet of Mini Deer & Antlers - MDF Wood Animal Shapes - Style2
- Sheet of Mini Deer & Antlers - MDF Wood Animal Shapes - Style3
- Tall Trio of Winter Fir Trees
- Child Pulling Christmas Tree on Sled - MDF Wood Shape

How I did the card is quickly explained. I started with sprinkling diluted DecoArt media white Gesso to my card background using a splatter brush.

While that was set aside to dry, I dry brushed the trees and the quote with the Gesso, leaving some areas uncovered - as shown in the picture.

Some parts were painted in Cinnamon Drop Americana acrylic paint using a detail brush...

...and the two birds (guess they're blackbirds) got a coat of DecoArt media Carbon Black fluid acrylic paint. The deer's eyes and noses were added in using a black fine tip PITT artist pen.

Before I glued everything in place to build my scene, I did some water colouring using the white Gesso again to kind of "mark" the ground the trees, deer and boy with sled sit on. Once that had dried I glued the craft parts in place. The smaller tree trio was stacked partly on top of the deer to the left and I used MDF left overs from Calico Craft Parts Mini Sheets frames for stacking.

I also repeated the black from the birds by colouring the boy's shoes. And the shades of the dimensional craft parts repeat the black too - so everything fuses beautifully in this design.

The antlers were given only a thin layer of diluted white Gesso so the brown still peeps through.
And I love how the differently sized deer help create a lot of depth! I think the boy is so busy carrying home his Christmas tree that he doesn't even notice he's being watched ;)

The snow is gently falling and I can almost hear the creaking of the snow under the boy's boots and the sled...

All deer are standing, stock-still, watching the little busy intruder closely as he makes his way through the snow covered forest...only the flapping of the birds' wings can be heard and then everything falls back into winter-y forest silence.

I will be doing one more post before Christmas - on the 23rd of December (which happens to be my birthday - so I will be twice as busy...preparing for the 24th AND squeezing in a little celebrating), but this is very likely the usual (and scheduled) "my favourite makes of the year" post - so if we do not read each other over here before the 24th and 25th I would like to wish you all

a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!!


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