Thursday, 20 August 2015

You Are A Work Of Art by Lesley

The cubes have so many possibilities, but one screamingly obvious choice is to use it as a base.
Boring? Yes! But they are ideal! So sturdy. I have drilled through going through butter!
I altered one of my twins dolls........and he really needed his own platform to stand on!

The base was a little tray turned upside down and the cube was made up and glued to the tray. Before gluing the cube to the base, i added some splodges of Decoart texture paste. Then they were painted with black gesso. And i then rubbed in some gold Inca around the cube. 

Using the mini plaques, i glued down the words and added a mini heart as well.

The doll itself was altered using Decoart texture paste and media acrylic paints. 

I gave him little horns made out of clay. Had a weeny bit left......had to give him a willy, i'm sorry! He has a real textural feel to him. 

To get the doll to fix firmly to the cube, i drilled a hole in one of the feet, and one in the base of the cube. And then inserted a wooden stick and glued it it. Super sturdy.....he's not going anywhere! The wooden dowel was long.......couldn't waste it, so i drilled another hole in the base.

Two of the small hearts were painted and crackle glaze over the top, and then glued into the hole. 
The final piece to add was something for him to hold! Using the last bit of the dowel, i attached a skull to it.

The skull was given a little mohican using texture paste and then painted with Decoart media paints. The wooden dowel fits perfectly in his hand.
I can see lots of the cubes being used as bases in the future! They come in three different sizes, so ideal for all different sorts of art!

He needs a name....the twins suggestion of Herbert just doesn't work for me! Suggestions welcome!

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  1. I love that you took this to a whole 'nother level (and the addition of the Willy :) )!

  2. This is one Bad Ass Baby! I love it! xx