Saturday, 24 July 2021

Sea Adventures - Altered Bottle by Kerstin


Welcome everyone!


I was inspired to create a glass bottle in altered art. 

  I simply love to work 

with moulds and modelling clay

and an Under the Sea theme is always one of my favourites. 


  An upcyling idea, I used a liquor bottle as base

 and modeled with silicone moulds and theme suitable MDF shapes.



some close up's



Illustrated step by step guide


some outcast's made with silicone moulds and airdrying clay

glued as frame with assembly adhesives

supplemented with MDF shapes

and gauze


ship lantern was pressed into the still wet modelling clay with a piece of wire, 

it can move freely,

a perfect rocking element in heavy seas :-)

after the drying process everything was painted over with black gesso,

only for the middle part I used grey chalky paint


coloured with green gold metallic wax and white acrylic paint

+ Art stones in various sizes


highlighted with golden metallic wax

used Calico Craft Parts


Ship's Lantern

 Spider Web

Coin Seaweed - MDF Wood Shape Style 5

Galleon Boat MDF Wood Shape - Style 10

Sheet of Mini MDF Nautical Motifs Style 1

Thanks for your visit!

Happy crafting!


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