Saturday, 12 December 2020

Winter house II by Kerstin

 Welcome, creative friends!


Some of you may remember my little winter house 

which I created two years ago - Little winter cottage - , 

now I have designed another one with joy and great fun.




Individual tips on how to create :


Paint the base plate before removing the individual parts!

This is how the individual parts of the two bays are glued together.

On one bay window I removed the tabs, so that it can be glued to a side of the house

where there is no slot (this way you can customise the house kit easily). 


According to the plan the two bays have been attached to the front of the house,

 but I preferred to attach one to the side wall of the house instead.

From the left overs from the house kit I made a small window with shutters!

Let it snow, let it snow :-)

The base plate was painted with snow texture paste and white acrylic paint.

Unfortunately there comes no chimney with the house kit... I'm afraid the people will have to freeze ;-)

 Finally I decorated the free roof area with additional stars and fir branches.

Some close up's


Calico Craft Parts used:

Double Bay Window - MDF House Kit

Oval Shape - MDF Mixed Media Board

Picket Fence Panel MDF Wood Shape - Style 1

Sheet of Mini MDF Street Lamps

Vintage Truck with Fir Tree

 Tall Trio of Winter Fir Trees 

 Holly Leaf & Berry Flourish

Fir Boughs - MDF Wood Corner

 Mini Star Wreath


I wish you a merry Christmas 

and a happy new year




  1. This is so charming, Kerstin!
    Love how you have customised the house kit and moved one bay to the side! Very clever! Merry Xmas, my friend!

    Claudia xxx

    1. Thank you very much Claudia, Happy New Year!!

  2. I missed these at the time - absolutely and utterly wonderful!
    Alison x