Saturday, 31 October 2020

Witching Hour in Haunted Castle by Kerstin

 Hello, creative friends!


I was thrilled when I discovered the "Haunted Castle Shrine" at Calico Craft Parts - just great! 

It looks like an enchanted castle, right?! And it reminds me on some wonderful Disney film stories.At first I was not sure how I wanted to design the interior, then these old grandfather clocks came to my mind and I decided to hang a clock pendulum inside. 



 Tips & Tricks

First I drilled a hole in the middle of the upper part, then I connected the border to the spider's web with the help of a small metal ring (used for jewellery making), the upper part of the oak vine was pushed through the opening and then fixed with another small wooden part. 

Now the pendulum was free to move! From my own experience I can now report that the oak vine was a bit too delicate for the constant "Tick Tock , Tick Tock" 😏of the clock pendulum. 

But hey - to go by empiricism is wiser than just trusting in wishful thinking, right?! 

For the clock pendulum I used the following parts:

Spider Web Flourish

Oak Leaves and Acorns Border

completed with  

Winged Devil

 Creatures of the Night - Sheet of Halloween Mini Wood Shapes


The base - before colouring and designing


Some close up's


Listen to the pendulum swinging - tick tock, tick tock ;-)




Calico Craft Parts used: 

MDF Shrine Kit - Haunted Castle Size Medium

Witch on Broomstick MDF Wood Shape - Style 3

Grim Reaper Border Scene

 Mushrooms - Fungi MDF Wood Shape - Style 13

Flying Bat Colony

 Spider Web - MDF Corner

  Halloween - MDF Wood Word


Happy Halloween!




  1. Absolutely and utterly brilliant, Kerstin!

    I love love love that swinging pendulum as much as I love all the detail you have added to this amazing make! So much to discover and feast the eyes upon! As Alison said - magical!

    Claudia xxx

  2. Thanks so much Alison and Claudia, that means a lot for me!! xx