Monday, 10 August 2020

Fairy Hollow by Jannet

I am taking a trip to a magical land today, to visit some special friends in their little fairy house. I selected one of the Cube kits to turn into a fairy hollow. The kits are very easy to put together, even if you are new to crafts.

I wanted to create a toadstool sort of a roof for my house. So I got out my air drying clay and made a ball to fit onto the top of the cube, after shaping it, I used a large embossing tool to make round indents into it. As you can see I am no expert on using air drying clay, but it is always good to try something new. As the clay is very thick, I left it to dry in our sunny porch for 2 days. Then I painted it using acrylic paints. 

On the internal cube sides I painted 1 coat of gesso, 1 coat of white acrylic paint, and then one coat of white pigment powder which I had mixed with a little water. I used different colours  of pigment powder mixtures to create magical splatters over the walls. 

I painted the external sides with 3D paint, and heated it with a heat gun which gave it a lovely natural texture. 

I painted some toadstools, and after painting the stars I added some white glitter, wherever there are fairies there has to be glitter! I fussy cut the fairies and a Make a Wish sentiment from some lovely papers. I sat the fairies on the toadstools, so they could watch everything that is happening in the Forest. 

After assembling the cube I applied Decoart texture paste to the base and placed the toadstools and sentiment into it. I made a paper anchor to hold the paper sentiment up.

Some gorgeous green sparkles completed the fairy scene. 

If you have never crafted with wooden parts before, you may like to give it a try, it is always fun to try something new. Have fun, and stay safe.

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  1. Ooh its such a magical place! You are so clever and talented and know just the right amount of 'magic' to add to make it a perfect place! Take care and stay safe xxxxxxxxxx