Saturday, 2 March 2019

Tea dueller's travel caddy ... by Zuzu

You may, or may not, be aware that "tea duelling" is a very popular sport among the steampunk community.
It involves tea and biscuits, a bit of biscuit dunking, and steel like nerves facing off your duelling partner. I, myself, once came in second in a tea duelling tournament but sadly failed in the final as i couldn't use my biscuit of choice which would be the gingernut. It holds a fair bit of liquid before disintegrating.

We have new "caddy kits" available in the shop and i decided to decorate one to take my earl grey tea with me to steampunk events on the chance i may enter another tea duelling tournament. Even if I don't, a steampunk is rarely far from a good cup of tea.

Ive given it a bit of an old rusty look (as is my way). Achieved with paints and a lot of stippling and spraying.

Calico Craft Parts used:

Tea Caddy Kit
Caddy Kit add on sheet 
Various steampunk embellishments.
ironmongery hinges


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Louise - love your rust colours in connection with a fabulously elegant steampunk style. A truly amazing tea caddy!! Creative hugs! xx

  2. I love these caddies and I love what you did with this one! This is wonderfully rusted! Great story behind the make too! xx

  3. Earl Grey would have been very proud of this robust caddy. As tea used to be only for the very rich, a sturdy box would be used to lock it away from the servants. This really does look as though it has been buried for years - like Mr Pepys' Parmesan cheese, and then discovered by some metal detectorist whilst treasure hunting. Tea was still very new at this time and the lucky few who would have had some could well have tried to save it in this way. Instead of biscuit dunking, you could also have caddy stories for tea duels. I have to say that Earl Grey's tea and ginger biscuits are my favourites too. Love your work and ideas.