Saturday, 13 November 2021

Let it snow.


Pretty title and much as I love to look at snowy scenes, I don’t much like having to go out in it unless it’s a walk in the woods or up the hills. Shopping and chores are not so great in snow so maybe it could hold off till late  December lol.

I made this plaque inspired by the lovely little sledge shape. I adore winter crafting. Not just christmas (or in my case Yuletide and winter solstice) but I love the snowy scene crafting. Or the cosy fireside images, hot chocolate and woolly socks. Winter birds. 

Ok I’m rambling now. 

Back to the plaque…

I used an ARCH  (large) for the substrate and then by using one of the DOORS, a FENCE, and a TREE along with the SLEDGE and a couple of SNOWFLAKES I created a wintery scene.

I finished it off with the “LET IT SNOW” phrase. 

I simply used bits of cardboard from the packaging my craft parts came in to cut out bricks to give the impression of bits of a wall. I only added enough to give a hint. I didn’t build the whole house.

(I used DecoArt snowtex and glamour dust glitter to creat my twinkling snow ).

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